We, KONEXAT LTD, are a British corporation with a physical address of Trident Business Centre, 89 Bickersteth Road Unit M228, Tooting London, SW17 9SH UNITED KINGDOM(company number: 07088232) and a domain name of the form https://www.123notices.com an online manuals and guide search service. ('Service'). These Terms govern Your usage of the Service as a Customer and should be read carefully before using the Service ('Terms'). If We decide to make any substantial changes to these Terms, we will send you an email at least one month in advance of the change taking effect. If You continue to use or use Our Service after being notified of this change, or if You don't cancel Your membership before the end of the month, then You are agreeing to be bound by the terms of the most recent version of such Terms. Dated as of this posting, this is the latest version of Our Terms.

​ 08.02.2022. ​


In order to get access to and make use of Our Service, you must first create an account on Our Website (an 'Account').

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The following details will be required from you during registration:
A contact email address

You, as a Customer, ensure that all data submitted is true, complete, and reliable. Your age and eligibility to subscribe to Our Service in the nation in which you now live have been verified, and we have been notified accordingly. Please be aware that in the case of identity theft, We retain the right to take any legal action against You, including criminal procedures.

Only after confirmation of the acceptance of the payment made in accordance with Article 2 below is your subscription contract properly completed ('Contract '). Simply request a copy of Your Contract through email at any time and you will be able to access it for download.

Only the Customer for whom the Account is established will have access to and be able to utilize our platform. Therefore, as a Customer, it is Your duty to maintain the secrecy of the Service's access credentials (login and password) and to report any suspected incidents of misuse to Us. We prohibit the disclosure of access information to any third party without our express permission.

Personal, non-commercial use of Our Service is strictly prohibited. You may not use Our Service for any commercial reasons, and doing so may result in an immediate termination of Your membership and, by extension, your ability to access and use Our Service, without prior notice or possibility of reimbursement.


What you may expect to pay for the Service is as follows:

Assistance+ Lite offer: - During the first 72 hours after registration, the Customer is entitled to test Our Service for an amount of 0.45€ (forty cents) ('Trial Period'); - At the end of these 72 hours, subject to cancellation within this period, a subscription is automatically taken out on a monthly basis for an amount of 47.90€ (forty-seven euros and ninety cents). Subject to cancellation, this subscription is automatically renewed from month to month and the card used is automatically debited. Assistance+ Premium offer: -Premium service by subscription for €69/month (sixty-nine euros). Subject to cancellation, this subscription is automatically renewed from month to month and the card used is automatically debited.

All taxes have been included in the aforementioned pricing.

Purchases made in euros through credit card on Our Site are charged in euros (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). The Customer's banking information is encrypted during transmission thanks to the Site's online payment security technology. We utilize a third-party service provider, Stripe, for all financial transactions and never save sensitive information like credit card numbers or customer information. Please review our privacy and cookie policies for further details on how we handle your personal data.


You may cancel the Contract at any time after the Trial Period, so long as you do so within 14 days of receiving the Confirmation.

You may make this withdrawal request by sending us an email. You will get an email at the address you gave us during registration confirming your withdrawal.

Within 5 (five) to 10 (ten) days of receiving your withdrawal request, the amount You have paid to Us will be refunded by an equal amount being credited to the card You used to pay the price of the Service.

However, if You have used Our Service beyond the Trial Period, then You acknowledge that no refund will be granted for the current month, and that Your right of withdrawal will be viewed as a request to terminate, effective at the end of the month concerned.

Your right of withdrawal under this Article 3 does not apply if you have your permanent residence in Switzerland, and any such request will be considered as a request for termination without reimbursement.

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Once you have concluded your subscription contract, all you have to do is indicate the manual you want and a member of our team will search for it. If the manual is found, it will be sent to you as soon as possible. However, it is possible that in rare cases the manual is not found. In any case, your subscription gives you full access to our database of manuals

As long as the Contract is in effect, you may send an infinite number of Requests (premium).

Nothing in this clause may be:

Using the Site in a way that is illegal or that violates these Terms;

Use Our Service for commercial purposes, including but not limited to selling, copying, renting, lending, distributing, transferring, or licensing all or any portion of the material contained on the Site;

Do anything that might disrupt, impair the quality of, or interfere with the operation or functioning of the Site or Our Service, such as trying to obtain unauthorized access to Our systems or the systems of Our subcontractors.

Intentionally release a computer virus or other harmful software onto the Site; Engage in spamming using our Service;

Disparage Our Actions or Take Any Action That Could Harm Our Reputation In Any Way, Whether Through Our Service Or Otherwise (for example on social networks).


A breakup that originated with the client. At any time during the Trial Period, or at the end of the current month in which your unsubscription request was made, Your Account will be deactivated and access to and use of Our Service will be terminated by simply clicking the 'Unsubscribe' link present in the menu at the top or bottom of the page of the site, it being specified that Your unsubscription will then take place either for the end of the Trial Period. With respect to the article at hand

When it comes to point 3.3, no money will be returned.

KONEXAT LTD has terminated the agreement voluntarily. We may also cancel Your service at the end of a month, in which case We shall notify You through the email address you provided at registration. In the event of a breach of these Conditions, in particular but not only article 4.3, We reserve the right to suspend Your Account for the time necessary for the verifications which may have to be carried out and, if necessary, to terminate Your Contract with immediate effect; whether it is a suspension or termination, You will be informed by prior notice given to the same email address.

If the right of withdrawal you exercised per Articles 3.1 and 3.3 is considered to be the same as the termination you exercised per this Article, then you will not be entitled to any return.


Our Site and its contents, including any and all associated know-how, are the exclusive property of KONEXAT LTD.

Upon Your acceptance of the Agreement, We now give You a personal, nonexclusive, and nontransferable license to use Our Services.


To the maximum extent permissible under relevant law, KONEXAT LTD disclaims all responsibility for any damages that could be incurred by Us as a consequence of the execution of the Contract.

Notwithstanding Article 7.1, KONEXAT LTD will make reasonable efforts to ensure the Service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, KONEXAT LTD cannot be held responsible for any unavailability related to a bug, technical constraints, or other maintenance operations, and such outages will not give rise to any right to a refund.

The Site may include links to other websites that are not created or maintained by KONEXAT LTD and for whose availability and content We assume no responsibility.


FORCE MAJEURE. None of the Parties shall be responsible for the non-execution, failure, or delay in the execution of any of its duties which would be attributable to the occurrence of a situation of force majeure, which is defined as an unanticipated event and outside the sphere of control of one or both of the Parties. For as long as the force majeure event continues, execution of the Contract and the accompanying obligations, including payment, will be stopped; provided, however, that the payment for the month in which the force majeure event occurred shall be maintained. Nonetheless, each party retains the right to terminate the Agreement in accordance with Article 5.

NULLITY. If any of the terms of these Conditions are found to be unenforceable, this will not impact the enforceability of any other terms. An equivalent provision, as near as practicable in spirit to the invalid clause, shall be substituted for and read in such a manner as to guarantee the clause's legality.

COMMUNICATION. Any time you need to get in touch with KONEXAT LTD, here's what you should do: ​ Just send an email to contact@123notices.com. By phone at +448 433 780 066

Please send correspondence to KONEXAT LTD, Pennine House 28, Leman Street, London, United Kingdom E1 8ER.

LAW AND JURISDICTION THAT WILL APPLY These Terms & Conditions and the Contract will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England. When KONEXAT LTD is the plaintiff in a dispute related to these Terms and the ensuing Contract, the disagreement will be heard in the court where the Customer resides; when the Customer is the plaintiff, the dispute will be heard in the Court of London.